How To Create Your Own Miracles

Show Date: Jan 28, 2018

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On this episode of The Autoimmune Hour, Sharon Sayler welcomes Marbeth Dunn, a mindset, success, and happiness mentor who trains business professionals to create personal and economic miracles. A spiritual teacher for over 35 years, MarBeth uses her intuitive abilities to accurately pinpoint the hidden issues holding you back from your greatest successes including creating your own miracles. Marbeth shares that choosing your miracles is the key, and other insights such as:

  • How a butterfly opens you to see miracles
  • How to shift your reality and what does ‘get real’ really mean
  • Ways to ask for miracles including muscle testing yourself
  • How to deal with difficult insights, safety, and forgiveness

Plus so much more….

Marbeth Dunn has developed her powerful Miracle Activation Technology© system, an integrative approach to activate Your Miracle Power breakthroughs to greater confidence, alignment, financial success, emotional freedom, peace of mind, and more harmonious relationships. MarBeth has been featured on several television networks across the US, including FOX, NBC, and CBS. Learn more about Marbeth and get your free gift eBook: “5 Reasons Smart People Make the Same Dumb Mistakes Over and Over in Life” at

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